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We exhibit at Equitana 2019

02. 02. 2017

This year we will be part of one of the major fairs focused on riding in Europe. Preparations for the fair Equitana 2017 are in full swing and we are looking forward to seeing you there on 09 -17 March 2019.


Global Champions Prague Playoffs 2018

01. 01. 2019

We are proud partners of the world's biggest event in horse jumping - Global Champions Prague Playoffs 2018.

New product - animal bedding

30. 04. 2018

New and unique animal bedding & litter on the market made from textile biodegradable material. Its features, thanks to the use of new environmentally friendly materials and production technologies, outweigh the existing bedding & litter in almost every aspect. More on http://ridingsurface.com/en/gtex-bedding


25. 05. 2018

New product

04. 01. 2017

We did not want stay behind for a long time and so we came to market with a new product in a series of GTEX. GTEX ALLWEATHER, the black-grey carpet flakes,is made from 100% PES. Suitable for building an all-season riding arena. Using GTEX AllWeather is very easy. Into the riding surface is added no sand into the mixture. The ideal amount of mixture GTEX AllWeather is 15 kg per 1 m2 of riding. More on: http://ridingsurface.com/en/gtex-allweather


09. 09. 2016

Velka Pardubicka with Česká Pojišťovna is traditional race, which is part of the International Festival Crystal Cup held on Sunday October 9 2016. At the start of the fantastic 126th Velka Pardubicská race were 15 horses and riders and winner of the oldest and the most difficult race became a riders Jan Faltejsek with horse Charme Look. The second was Jan Kratochvil with horse Ange Guardia and the third position belonged to Josef Bartos with horse Zafir. The race visited 25 000 spectators and we were there as well. 

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GTEX bedding

GTEX bedding - quality animal bedding & litter

GTEX bedding is a new and unique animal bedding & litter on the market made of 100% viscose = fabric, that comes 100% natural and sustainable source. Its features, thanks to the use of new environmentally friendly materials and production technologies, outweigh the existing bedding & litter in almost every aspect.

The primary characteristics of GTEX bedding

GTEX bedding creates an absolutely natural and hygienic environment for the animals. It is characterized by long-lasting life and excellent absorbent properties of liquids and odours. New technological processes enable to produce GTEX bedding by recycling of special materials without the use and consumption of water and other valuable natural resources. At the same time, thanks to the characteristics of production materials, it also ensures its degradability, so that the production, use and disposal of bedding & litter itself are environmentally friendly. Moreover, due to the dustlessness and total minimization of respiratory allergens, the bedding & litter is also suitable for placing in an environment for those who suffer from allergies or asthmatics.

Advantages of GTEX bedding for pet / animal breeders

  • is suitable for a wide range of animals and pets from rodents, ferrets, rabbits or cats to various exotic animals - fits perfectly into terrariums, cages and all other kinds of animal dwellings,
  • absorbs moisture and odour perfectly, and it can seal it under the outer wrap - this ensures a less frequent need of replacement of the bedding & litter, its lower consumption and ensures still dry and pleasant surface of the bedding & litter,
  • reduces the possibility of bacteria and mold formation, creating a safe and hygienic environment and encouraging the health of the animal and breeder,
  • can be disposed of using the toilet/bio-waste containers or by composting,
  • has a pleasant softened structure to ensure maximum comfort when contact with the skin or fur of the animal,
  • is made of 100% degradablke material without any admixtures, which ensures its non-irritable characteristics, absolute non-toxiticity and eliminates health damage when it is eventually eaten by the animal,
  • thanks to the ideal shape, surface and weight, the bedding & litter hardly sticks on the skin or fur of the animal and therefore stays in its original location all the time.

Delivery and packaging options

The final GTEX bedding product can be adjusted in size and stiffness of the pellets according to the customers' requirements. GTEX bedding can be delivered in different sizes and packs, fully optimized to meet customer needs. The delivery time and the price are the subject of agreement based on individual demand.

If you are interested, please contact our sales department at:

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Urbanek, email: jan@recyklacejf.cz, GSM: 00420 723 952 733.