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GTEX Optimal

OPTIMAL material is made from 100% PP a PES. It is cut into the same length and mixed with sand creates a flexible, stable and non-slip surface. 

When riding horses OPTIMAL minimizes shocks, protects joints and ligaments, and ensures the overall security and flexibility of movement. The material does not contain any rotting elements that could provide a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that cause dangerous infection of horses. Surface prepared with chopped geotextile and high quality sand poses for both horse and rider high comfort and also ensure safe horse riding.

OPTIMAL material properties:

  • creates an elastic, resilient and stable riding surface
  • minimizes shaking horse, protects joints and ligaments
  • improves security and overall flexibility of movement of horses
  • mixture of geotextile and sand form a perfect anti-slip surface  and strength
  • suitable for any climatic environment
  • increases absorption of moisture - prevents the "dust elimination"
  • usage for both outdoor and indoor riding surface
  • mixture is environmentally friendly
  • excellent features of the material which does not harden
  • weather resistance
  • long life - anti rotting surface
  • low maintenance surface, can be added at any time
  • material is certified according to EU standards
  • UV resistant


  • dimensions 120x120x70
  • pressed package about 240 kg

Recommended ratio: 2 kg GTEX OPTIMAL per 1 m 2 riding area


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