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This material has many characteristics which can be taken as advantage. GTEX ALLWEATHER, the black-grey carpet flakes,is made from 100% polyester. Origin of name GTEX ALLWEATHER is based on absolutly wide use for any weather. Suitable for building an all-season riding arena. We use polyester for this riding arena covering, in origin from automotive industry. Its structure is resistant to heat and especially resistant to water.

Using GTEX AllWeather is very easy. The base layer is common as for all riding surfaces. The composition of the layer is same, wherein the top covering is composed of only  GTEX AllWeather. Into the riding surface is added no sand into the mixture. The ideal amount of mixture GTEX AllWeather is 15 kg per 1 m2 of riding.

 ALLWEATHER material properties:

  • The best choice for profi as well as hobby riding arenas.
  • Improves the horse's elasticity, dynamic impulsion and soft step down
  • Easy maintenance, Easy handling during incorporation into the riding area.
  • After the compresses by the horse´s weight it returns to its original shape
  • Brings longterm texture of the riding surface
  • Textile flakes do not degrade and do not rot
  • The surface does nost freeze
  • This material meets all environmental requirements.


  • dimensions 120x120x80 cm
  • pressed package about 300 kg

Recommended ratio: 15 kg GTEX GTEX ALLWEATHER per 1 m 2 riding area


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